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Photo Courtesy: chocolatesmile

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Girl Language.


  • When I said sorry, believe me I feel it.
  • When you see me starting to cry, hold me and tell me everything’s gonna be alright.
  • When I ignore you, give me your attention.
  • When I’m quiet, ask me what’s wrong.
  • When I push or hit you, grab me and don’t let go.
  • When I’m mad and I walked away from you, follow me.
  • If I didn’t text you, it’s because I’m waiting for you to text me.
  • When I say I love you, Don’t doubt. I mean it.

 I mean it. Please.

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“If you think you’re in love, don’t get your hopes up. It’s not love until you go through both good & bad times together. If you love someone, you would know why you love them. If you have no reason, then think about it. Do you really love them? You would go through all these fights & break ups only to realize that there’s no point, because you’re always gonna get back together. You would spend time together, even if both of you are broke. Love isn’t about money; love is priceless. Love is something you could never buy; love is when one of you makes a huge mistake, but then in the end you work it all out because you realize that it’s just one mistake & it’s not worth it, because all you want is for it to be forever. But then, never say forever because everything has an ending. But that’s only in my opinion. Love is a strong word & has many definitions. Now, you decide, is it love?”


Love = Bullshit.

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You should never give up on love. Just because the person u thought was everything doesn’t mean that he really was. Sayings like these really make you think about the relationship that you were in and what it was worth:
guys rn’t worth ur tears and the ones that r don’t make u cry, never trust someone who says they love u cause someone will always get hurt anyway. learn from ur mistakes and don’t cry over them. if they dumped u them they r missing out on something that they will never have again

when a person is really, really into you.. he/she always find a way to make time for you.. no excuses.. damn its true!

A girl asked a boy if she was pretty and the boy said no. She then asked if he wanted to be with her forever and he said no. Finally, she asked him if he would cry if she walked away and again he replied no. The girl had heard enough and she went to leave. The boy grabbed her arm and said “You are not pretty, you are beautiful. I do not want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. And if you walked away I would not cry, I’d die

When a girl changes her mood, from a smile to frown, from a jolly one to a silent one. Then there’s only 3 reasons why she’s like that. Either she’s jealous, has a problem, or she’s hurt. Guys should be more sensitive <3

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Hi. Saya speechless pasal dia cakap dia suka saya tadi pukul 6 pagi -_-


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